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Upload speed falls to zero when adding a new torrent


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This is a bizarre and annoying problem that I never had with 1.8.0 ..

If I add a new torrent, my upload speed falls to almost zero. The only way to prevent this is to limit the download speed of new torrents to 1 MB/sec.

If a new torrent is added and starts coming down at 10/11 MB/sec, uTorrent will simply crash and I need to restart my box.

Limiting the download speed doesn't solve the problem either: it can takes 5-10 mins for the upload speed to return to where it was.

11 MB/sec down / 11 MB/sec up was never a problem with 1.8.0 ...

Any ideas folks? This is VERY annoying.

(I'm running Windows Server 2003 SP2. NO other software is installed and/or running.)

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