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Download status "CHECKED" - how to avoid?


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Hi everybody.

I´ve run in to a problem which is driving me up the wall.

More or less every second time when i open the uTorrent program to start downloading (after having my PC shut off f.ex. by night) - instead of just starting to download the files, the STATUS of the files are "CHECKED" - which is incredibly anoying. It takes FOREVER for this process to complete meaning that i don´t get much value out of the time that i have the program active.

Is the ANY way to bypass, circumvent or simply shut off this feature/process?

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Have you been downloading to a portable HDD that got recently disconnected?

If so that is what is causing your problems, i had that same issue, but you shut down utorrent b4 you eject the drive.

You can skip the hash checks when adding a new torrent, but that is for new torrents not 1s that you have left for seeding.

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