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Slow internet speeds and random "page cannot be found"s


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Hey, i recently got a new modem/router a Netgear DG834N.

and ever since that, when i'm torrenting, my internet speeds drop to a near stop, and i randomly get "the page cannot be found" in both IE and firefox.

i have everything port forwarded.

I'm on vista so i set my utorrent on 1 max half open connections wiht my old router, and it worked fine.

is there anything i can do to fix this?


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That would have to be in your router's firmware. I am aware the Linksys WRT 54 series allows this as well as having a flourishing alternative firmware community.. which is why I mention it.

Since this appears to be a problem with any LAN computer, I think you need to continue turning off features and lowering connections until your problems go away. It sounds like that router is unable to handle the load as well as your old one.

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