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Netgear router solution to Utorrent 'DHT not logging in'


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Hi all

Been struggling with DHT not logging in for months, tried every solution on the boards here and elsewhere as regards deleting .dat files , forwarding ports, setting up rules in firewalls, etc, etc. (I'm using AOL uk on a crappy connection due to distance from my local phone exchange and a netgear d854g router, plus Norton 360 v2.) I'm not a computer whizz so all the code stuff is beyond me but I was able to follow most of what had been written, to no avail. Still appeared that ports were 'closed' on the port test despite them being forwarded and open. Firewalls on the PC and the router were all set up to allow access to everything from everything via anything.

Finally, last night I changed a different setting on my Netgear router and it did the trick - instant connection, 325 nodes at time of writing. No problems at all, for the first time in ages. Joygasm.

Go to your netgear router admin page on, click on ADSL settings, and change DSL MODE from DSL (Auto) to one of the other options - I chose ADSL (G.DMT). As soon as I did this, UTorrent started to work perfectly again and still is 12 hours later. It may work for you too. (Back up your router settings beforehand, as security. You never know)

Good luck

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