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Huawei SmartAX MT882 & ports


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I am writing this as a last resort in the hope that you guys (and gals) can help me please :(

I have had the above router a month and have just increased my adsl line speed to 7616/448 kbps and am using UTorrent 1.8.1. Since using this router i have had a red circle with an asterick at the bottom of the page. I have read through this forum and done my best to set everything up as recommended (router, firewall, UTorrent) yet i am still getting this warning icon.................my brain now hurts :D

When i test the port forwarding i am told the port is not open, yet i have been into my router settings and physically entered the details and saved them. I have disabled both the router firewall and Bit Defender but to no avail.

Regrettably, i am not upto geek status and don't always understand what everything means. I have the manual for the router but again don't know what half of it means...

Can anyone help me please and if so what other info do you need?

Sorry if i'm a pain, don't mean to be LOL Below is a copy of my router details if they help

System Information

Item Description

Product Name SmartAX MT882

Physical Address 00:1D:6A:FF:CC:E1

Software Release V200R002B021 Opal

Firmware Release E.37.5.5

Release Date (2006-05-12)

Batch ID RCC1P3.021.E37555

System Up Time 408:42:16

ADSL Description

ADSL Status Showtime/Data

DSL Up Time 61:58:35

Data Path Interleaved

Standard G.dmt

Bandwidth Down/Up(kbps) 7616/448

SNR Margin Down/Up(dB) 14.0/22.0

Attenuation Down/Up(dB) 5.0/4.0

CRC Down/Up 5/18

FEC Down/Up 116/93

HEC Down/Up 2/12

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