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Please Help!!


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I really wanted to download a torrent but cant because µTorrent is not working! :( I was told to use µTorrent by a friend he said it was good.

I have downloaded it installed it. Set the right upload speed. Put in the torrent and all I get it about 1 kb/s. :(

Could someone please please help me.

I don't think it's a firewall, because I installed it on another one of my computers that does not have a firewall and it still has the same problem. :( :(

Could someone please please help me??

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I have not downloaded the slackware torrent. And not done any steps from the sticky.

I am with AOL on 8MB. From Speedtest.net I normally get 6900 kb/s download and 380 kb/s upload. And when downloading files from the internet they would download at 650-730 kb/s. My router is the Linksys WAG54GS. I have tried it on Windows XP SP2, and Vista HP 64-Bit.

In my other post I did not mean to be horrible, I really really wanted to download something but I cant. :(

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