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unbanned my own IP


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Yes, I searched, that's what I found:



But contrary to these post I haven't noticed any degraded performance, I just get many, many entries in the log whenever I reset banns. All show "unbanned my IP:port", though not the expected preceding "banned my IP".

This issue appeared as far as I see out of nowhere so I did some troubleshooting:

Downgraded to 1.7.7 which I had been running for months without getting above messages but now I got the same results.

Reset my uTorrent installation (deleted the folder in ~\AppData\Roaming)

Disabled the Windows firewall.

Reinstalled the OS.

Checked my router settings.

Nothing helped.

My question: Is this something to worry about? Maybe it affects performance and I haven't noticed it yet? Is anyone else "suddenly" experiencing this issue? Could it be my ISP who changed something? Could it be a bug, or maybe related to the latest Windows Security Update (958644)?

uTorrent 1.8.1, Server 2008 (tried both x32 and x64)

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It may only be a problem if your router for some reason reformats the TCP/IP packets with your IP in them thereby making all your data get banned/disconnected.

Do you know how I can check that?

I have a Netgear RP614v4.

I'm worried because I don't know the cause. I changed nothing in my setup, never had a single entry in the log and suddenly I get loads of them.

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Indeed, it's a very elegant solution in that it makes perfect use of an existing (general) facility for preventing certain connections from being established. Banning an IP tells µTorrent to completely ignore that IP and not bother to attempt to connect to it, which is exactly the desired behavior (connecting to yourself is a complete waste of a connection).

There is nothing to be worried about. This is standard behavior.

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