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Impossible to open new tors if uT is executed with admin rights


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I observed a weird behavior when uT is executed with admin rights in Vista (by right click on shortcut).

When I try to open directly a new torrent from Internet (via dialog box of Firefox), uT says "uT is not responding" and it's impossible to open the torrent.

But if I restart uT normally (user rights), new torrents can be opened as usual...

So why this difference ?


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The difference is probably that the process with lower privileges can't talk directly to the process with higher privilege. When you try to open a .torrent file, it opens the executable in a regular user privilege, but if it detects another instance of µTorrent, it tries to open the .torrent file with that process instead. If it can't, it waits that instance to quit. Obviously, the running instance won't quit for no reason, so the new process eventually stops waiting and throws that error message at you.

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