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Close Crash on Vista H/P


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i have an hp pavilion laptop with intel dualcore 2.26 and 3gb RAM

it runs Vista Home Prem 32 bit

every single time i close utorrent, without fail, it will hang and refuse to close or let me open an new instance of the program and its annoying as sh*t and i have to restart the whole computer to make it go away

i am using the newest build of 1.8.1 available

which says in the fix log that the crash problem in vista has been resolved but obviously not

i dont know if it suddenly has issues with programs it never had on xp but im running zonealarm and avg 8.

please tell me how to fix or that the next build will fix this problem because it annoys me something awful and i want to make it go away.



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ZoneAlarm has a known bug in Windows Vista where it locks the µTorrent process in memory and won't allow it to exit. There isn't much µTorrent can do to work around this, as ZA has kernel-mode access where µTorrent only has user-mode access. ZA is buggy in more ways than one, this being one of the most prevalent problems around here in recent months.

Comodo works well as a free/superior replacement for ZA. See the configuration guide for Comodo here.

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