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Better files handling when using "open for seeding" and skipping files


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My English is not good and I don't know how to say clearly my point. Hope you would understand after reading my example.

I have a torrent which contains 5 files, one of which is a 0k txt.

I download the torrent, and skip the 0k txt(please, don't blame me for doing so).

Then, after seeding for while, I delete the job from the bt client.

Someone ask for reseeding.

I open uTorrent, use the feature "open for seeding" and skip that 0k txt inside the job properties window.

However, as I don't have all of the files in the torrent(I only get 4 of them, 1 is missing), uTorrent tells me "Error, file missing".

I cannot rehash, as after rehashing at least 1 of the 4 files that I already have would become incomplete(at least 1 piece is incomplete).

I hope uTorrent can handle the skipped files better. It is not neccessary that uTorrent reports me as a seeder in this situation. However, I hope uTorrent would let me upload as complete (although may not be able to be completely) as possible to the others without harming the files that I already have.

There is at least 1 bt client which can do the job I explained well, and at this moment I can only do this with that client.

However, uTorrent is great and I really hope that I don't need to switch to other client temporarily for this reason.


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This post totally invalidated by Firon's post! I guess I need to to play and get more familiar with the new µTorrent xD

Now if only there were a strikeout BBCode... I like to leave my posts around so that people don't wonder what the hell someone is talking about when they respond to the posts =P

There is no "open for seeding" function in µTorrent... O.o

If you open with no default save (which I'm assuming you are talking about), then it shouldn't be saying that (I don't think it should). It'll just not mark you as a seed, and will *try* to download that missing file (probably to no avail). It'll just connect to the tracker and peers as another peer with x percent of the data. Or at least that's how I imagine it should work... though the fact that the text file is 0KB might pose a problem.

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Ultima: yes there is, in the BC-style dialog

chrisgestapo: Only BitComet can do that, and that's because it allows you to download incomplete pieces (which is yet again another stupid thing it does, you can't verify an incomplete piece for validity!). And even so, you can't upload an incomplete piece, which still makes it useless. All other clients force you to get the complete piece for this reason. Even if µTorrent allowed you to skip that, you would NOT be able to upload the final incomplete piece, so your reseeding would most likely be useless!

Just force the re-check, it won't damage your files at all. µTorrent's hash check is read only, it does not actually re-write the data (I've tested this many times).

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If you don't tell it to skip the file it should try to download it and you'd still basically be a seeder since you'd be the only person at 99.9%. if that doesn't work (which it should, really) you could try making a 0kb txt file using the New -> Text Document in the torrent's download folder, and if that doesn't work try making it with DOS edit (EDIT from a command prompt). might be a work around.

maybe i misunderstood the problem. meh oh well.

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Yes, I know that the incomplete piece wouldn't be uploaded.

What I hope is to upload those pieces that I have to the others without harming my own files.

Is that uTorrent would only write data after a particular piece is received?

If rehashing by uTorrent would not write any data to my files, I think it's alright.

And "it allows you to download incomplete pieces (which is yet again another stupid thing it does, you can't verify an incomplete piece for validity!)"

Is it true? I assumed that BitComet works in a similar way to uTorrent. That is, download the whole piece, vertify, and than do not write the files that I've chosen to skip.

It would be terrible if it doesn't vertify the incomplete pieces at all, and I didn't relize that.

BTW: There is open for seeding in uTorrent. I've tested and it works(for those completed torrents).

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Like I said, the re-check does NOT change the data. It is a read-only hash check. I've tested this many times and it does not wipe or change the file's data (even if it shows missing pieces).

In fact, even if you download data and it writes to the file, it wouldn't damage it because it's overwriting data that was already there with the same exact data. I've tested this myself and it hasn't damaged a single file.

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