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would like to change the default location of the dat files - possible?


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i know i can select where to place .torrent files and the actual torrents downloaded, but i'd really like to be able to also change the location of the configuration files that utorrent uses (.dat files) kind of like a like a portable version. in fact wasn't there such a version for utorrent ?? one that, if memory serves me right, placed all files in the same directory that it was ran from. was it removed after the merger ???

is it possible ? i looked at all the options in the program carefully and found nothing.

if not, i really suggest this as on option...


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Just follow http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#How_can_I_use_.C2.B5Torrent_on_a_USB_key_or_other_removable_drive.3F

It doesn't matter if it's a USB, an external hdd or just a different folder on your PC ;)

Copy all the files from %appdata% into that "new" folder, place the utorrent.exe there too and start that one.

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done, thanks....

i still think there should be a setting for this in the program's options just to make things real simple-like, right next to the other ones i already mentioned.

anyway, so i assume the way the program works is that it first checks the root that the utorrent.exe is in for the .dat files and if there are none it searches for the default directory under \documents & settings\etc... ?

also if i'm right, i also assume that if for argument's sake, there are .dat file in both the exe's root and the default directory, then the root gets priority. (at least i hope so)

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