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How to find away around or through ISP's that are blocking/shaping?


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I just started using SureWest (local telco in Sacramento CA) for a fixed wireless. It's a good connection of 3MB down and 1MB up and actually gets VERY close to that on DSLReports.

however, they appear to be sniffing, shaping, blocking BT traffic.

I've tried BitComet with it's encryption and it still sucks.

On my old cable modem with all the same PC and network config, it was a pretty decent speed, even with it's 128 up (yes, it was that bad).

So now I'm trying to start doing research on how to break through this wall. How can I port scan their network to find a port that may be immune to this shaping? Or does it not work that way?

There's GOTAA be a way for people to be able to actually get to use the bandwidth they are paying for!

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "fixed wireless". Wireless connections have their own problems so I would rule that out before suspecting traffic shaping. If that is indeed what they are doing there is no way you can tell (port blocking would be possible though). You just have to try other ports and see if you get lucky. You can also try this: on the Advanced Options tab of preferences, set peer.lazy_bitfield to true.

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Sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your current provider. Starstream currently offers 1mbps upstream standard speed on all subscriber accounts along with 3-4mbps downstream capability without any bittorrent throttling. Feel free to message me back if you would like to come back to Starstream as we can see about getting you on one of our internet promotions at a lower cost.



Starstream Network Admin.

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