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No incoming connections


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I am a long time user of uTorrent (5 years) and have never had any problems. I've used it on both XP and Vista with much success. But now I've come across something where I am completely lost.

I have the yellow triangle that says "No Incoming Connections". So normally, I would click on it, bringing up the Speed Guide, and I'll test my port (which is always random). But now, when I click the "test if port is forwarded properly" button, nothing happens. That window testing the port does not pop up. So then I tried clicking the "Run speed test" button to see what happens, and again, nothing. And my downloads will not go above 10kb/s, if it downloads at all.

Again, I have been using uTorrent for many years without problems. I don't think it's a port forwarding issue (I used to have to forward the port when I used XP, but since then, have not needed to). Network Discovery (or UPnP) is allowed through my firewall as well as uTorrent itself. I am also decently knowledgable in Windows. With all that being said, please help me with this issue, disregarding the obvious "are you an idiot? have you tried the basic simple stuff?" questions please.

Again, my main concern is that when I click on the "test" buttons in the speed guide, the windows do not pop up anymore and I always have No INcoming Connections, leading to low download speeds. The ONLY thing I have done between now and the time it was working properly before was that Windows Vista downloaded a Security Update (I've tried restoring to the point before downloading this update, still did not work).

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