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µBar v2.0


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I highly doubt you bought the Azureus icons, now, eh? When you buy icons (like those icon suites from Stardock or whatever), you don't own the icons. You're paying for the license to use it, just like you pay for the license from Microsoft to use Windows or Office (you don't own them -- Microsoft is still the owner of the Intellectual Property). Even if you got permission to use it, you still don't own it, and so you can't really get off not giving credit without looking like a jerk. You said you "recreated" the icons, but I highly doubt that. I tried using some lanczos3 resizing algorithm on the Azureus stop icon and resized to 18x18 (original was a 20x20), and it came out with very similar results (some of the colors are off by a small bit) when compared with the corresponding button on your toolbar...


(click for 8x zoom)

I'm sorry if it seems like I'm "out to get you" or whatever in this post -- it's not what I'm trying to do... I'm just laying down the proof/reason for my conviction that it's ripped, and not recreated as you say. Resizing doesn't count as recreated.

As for the politeness thing... it's not something to be earned. Respect must be earned, but politeness is something that someone can choose to convey, and doesn't have to be earned at all. The way I see it is that politeness should be given to someone until (s)he has violated something, by which respect (and thus, politeness) is no longer deserved.

Back on track... It's not that people don't appreciate what you've done. We're just giving you a suggestion (and a very simple one at that)... I'm not sure why it's so hard to simply say "the icons came from Azureus" or whatever. By providing the toolbar under your name without giving credit, you make it look like you created the icons. If you look at other toolbars in the forum, people do cite where they get their icons/inspiration from (as Determination stated above). If they took their icons from Azureus, they stated it (I recall some "skins" that took icons from Azureus as well, and they fully stated that it was an Azureus icon clone).

Again, like I said before, I'm not trying to put your efforts down -- in fact, I encourage you to continue making toolbars for µTorrent (I appreciate your efforts). All I was trying to say was that you should give credit where it's due. Keep in mind, giving credit doesn't mean you didn't get permission. It's just a form of courtesy (hey, that means being polite). By your logic, if the original artists have given you permission to use their works of art, then have they not earned enough respect from you for you to credit them? There is nothing wrong with using other people's icons, as long as their role in your toolbar's creation isn't diminished (to nothing in this case).

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