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Splitting the upload bandwith between seeding torrents


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Hi. I am seeding a few torrents I made my self, but the problem is that one torrent gets way more bandwith, even if I set bandwith allocation to "High" on the others.

Lets say I got 4 torrents running, and my total upload speed is around 1400 KB\s. One torrent is using 1350 KB\s, and the other three torrents got 50 KB\s to share between them. Now the torrent that is using 95% of the capacity does have 10 times more leechers, but it also got alot of other seeders, so that being maxed out is really not that important! In the three other torrents, I am still the only seeder (and the leechers in these torrents can download very fast to). I want these to get seeders asap.

So how do I give them more speed without having to set an upload limit on the most popular torrent? Because if the 3 not so popular torrents goes inactive, the popular torrent will not get all the potensial upload bandwith. But I still want to share the other files, so other people can seed them further on (asap). Do you get my case here?


Huh, I guess I am starting to understand the somewhat complex logics of bittorrent. uTorrent decides upon the potential of every shared bit, whether it will be shared again with others or not and how many times it will be shared. I can see uTorrent (in the popular torrent, atleast) gives the best speeds to those that return the best "MaxUp". And the possibility that one bit sent in one of the more popular torrents is going to be shared x number of times, is way more probable than in the less popular torrents. So it's really all about maximizing the potential of every sent bit. Great!

So the question I asked above is really a question whether one can go against the logic of bittorrenting or not. I guess I answered my own question there.

Thanks anyways :)

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Not quite -- uTorrent is just giving a minimum upload speed PER peer it uploads to, REGARDLESS of how high or low the priority is. The other torrents may have overloaded peers that cannot even download quickly. :(

Lower upload slots globally or just for the 1 torrent sucking up the majority of your upload bandwidth.

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