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Hi guys,

I joined this forum because I wanted to share a frustration about how torrent clients handle queuing. Right now we can set the number of torrents allowed to download simultaneously, to balance efficiency (bandwidth utilization if you will) and average speed for a single torrent. But there is a way to achieve optimal efficiency and highest average speed for a single torrent, while simultaneously reducing micromanagement.

Consider this approach:

-Queuing settings are removed

-When torrents are downloading, the first torrent in the queue gets all resources (connections and upstream) it needs. If there are resources left the second torrent in the queue gets all it needs and so on.

-When there are no torrents downloading or when all downloading torrents have all the resources they can actually utilize, the completed torrent, if any, that needs seeding most gets all the resources it needs. Again, when there are resources left, the second seeding torrent in line get what it needs and so on.

The advantages of this approach:

-Optimal bandwidth utilization (down and up)

-First download in queue is downloaded as fast as possible

-Reduced micromanagement

Now I would love to implement this myself, but utorrent is not open source (considering what happened to azureus, maybe that's not a bad thing), and I am not going to abandon utorrent for this :)

So let me know what you think, and I would be happy to clarify and/or elaborate on my bold claims.


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Many changes to the queue system have been previously requested. Thank you for your insight, but there isn't really anything new here. What you're asking for is most-closely tied to the scheduler changes proposed for a future version.

I'm sure searching would bring you more information; possible keywords: scheduler 1.9

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