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Well its like this, Im downloading an movie, there are 1482 seeds and 5894 peers, im conected to 25 seed and 3 peers, and im downloading at 0.3~3KBps that is soooo low, i have this problem most of the time these days, well u may say too much peers, but once i had hundreds of seeds and peers and connected to only very few (less than 10) and with speed aproaching zero,,, previously these problems didnt exist, but since a bit after 1.8v these problems started to arise

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Your ISP (in Israel?) may have a crippled-on-purpose link to the rest of the internet. Many ISPs block/throttle/cripple/disrupt BitTorrent traffic, and it's quite likely yours is one of them.

Worse, after running with 100's of peers+seeds connected in the past, your ISP may label your connection as semi-hostile and started crippling it because of that.

You could try setting outgoing encryption to Enabled or FORCED if you haven't already.

Also disable DHT, LPD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and Resolve IPs.

(Leave Peer Exchange enabled.)

Make sure net.max_halfopen is set NO higher than 8 -- even lowering it to 1-4 may help "hide" slightly from BitTorrent crippling techniques your ISP (or other ISPs that you may connect to) use.

What's you're upload speed doing?

(uTorrent should be uploading at its max set upload speed most of the time if you have multiple active torrents with active peers.)

2nd link in my signature can hopefully get some workable but conservative settings based on your sustainable upload speed...though you may need to use lower settings than even that to stay off your ISP's blacklist in the future. :(

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