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Show piece number in tooltip at availability bar


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it would be useful to see the number of the piece i'm hovering over at the General tab and Availability bar. this way i could easily check what part of the whole torrent is not available on the net. and if i need only part of the torrent, and some pieces are not available, i could check if the ones are available that i need. i know that it's mathematically possible to estimate where a certain piece is on the availability bar, but that never will be accurate.

keep up the good work,great program! it's the support, that made it this popular! (new betas every second day :))

sorry, if this has been asked before to be a feature. and sorry for my bad english too. :)

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hey, i came up with some new ideas about this topic. :) fresh from my head:

1.) tooltip formatting could be: "[A or N], [piece number], [file name]"

A is for available, N is for not available

also, instead of a tooltip, these infos could be shown in the status bar at the bottom of the window, but i think tooltips are better.

2.) scalable availability bar, so if there is a torrent with 7000 pieces, i shouldn't use a magnifier glass to make out the details :) zooming would be a very good feature.

3.) if i click on a part of the availability bar, a selection could show the pieces that belong to the file, wich's piece i basically clicked on

what do YOU think of these features? let's make the programmers pay even more attention by screaming "yes, i want that feature!!!" :)

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