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Max speed 9KB/sec on 10mbps connection


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This issue bugs me:

i'm running the 1.3.2 Beta on Win XP SP2,

ISP is BigPond (Australia), connection is a 10GB cap (which i'm sure i haven't breached) on 10mbps cable,

Two active torrents (S/P = 28/295, 52/198) aren't getting a combined speed over 9KB/sec, and it gets that high only rarely,

Using a firewall and router, port successfully forwarded, NAT OK, DHT enabled, tcpip.sys not patched (having problems downloading), i've pretty much set the torrent settings optimum at the moment (it was going slower before),

i did the Speed test at www.dslreports.com and got DL=51kbps, UL=42kbps, the tweak test is still timing out on me,

I also did the OpenOffice torrent test and only got max speeds of about 7KB/sec,

in a word: HELP!

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ah.... just found a link to a usage meter, and it seems that i managed to breach 10GBs in less than 2 weeks, and the funny thing is, somehow i'm still raking in more than i Gig a day in total (DL & UL)...

so, sorry to waste your time..... eh...

and thanks for the replies anyways.

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If your ISP has some hidden cripplers placed on BitTorrent traffic, you're best bet is to reduce µTorrent's max upload AND download bandwidth to decrease your chances of exceeding that.

It'd suck doubly bad to have bittorrent traffic thrown away by your ISP...and yet still have that traffic amount counted against your monthly limit!

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