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Continued inbound UDP packets


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Hi There-

I notice in my firewall that I get continued inbound packets to the custom BT port that I had chosen. I get about 20 a minute or more. What's weird is that I haven't downloaded anything via bittorrent in over a month.

Is it normal for attempts to keep coming in after this long?



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How big are the swarms you're connected to? UDP is connectionless. Individual peers do not know you don't exist until they try (and fail... several times). Compound that with non-standard peer cache retention times...

It's nothing to worry about at least running uTorrent. There's no data or anything in those payload.. just requests for more peers.

OT: Have you updated to the 1.8.1 release? And why haven't you torrented anything in the last month, surely something interesting has occurred? There was recently the new Wikipedia educational distribution. ;)

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