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Not connecting to seeds


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I am trying to download an important file and I am experiencing a few problems.

Firstly about my equipment:


9.6ghz (8mb cache) Intel Quad Core 2.4ghz

4 gig ram


Ambit 256


Wireless-G Router WGR614v9


20meg cable

As you can see, my computer should be powerful enough to pass everything that is thrown at it, now the problem:

The torrent I am downloading currently has 12941 seeds and yet I am only connected to one! Which means I am d/ling at an impressive 1kB/sec!

I have tried switching off my firewall and restarting uTorrent to see if that works, still the same.

Can anyone advise anything?

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Sorry, I meant I disabled my firewall and my router firewall.

Completed all the settings as requested and then left my computer online for 7 hours. and the highest speed it has got to is 42kB/sec but its back down to 0.3kB/sec as im typing this!

The rest of the interet is fine, streaming is seamless, so im presuming it can only be uTorrent.

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