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Is there a way remove and disable settings button in Web UI?


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That's perfectly fine for me, I doubt anyone would ever find the "hidden" settings...most of the users in our household call IE icon on the desktop - "The Internet" ;)

Thank you. will try "multi user webui shell"


After reading more about "multi user webui shell", I came to conclusion that it's way more then I needed and more complicated then it should.

So, in case someone else looking for the same solution, the cosmetic setting button removal is very simple:

in index.html (inside webui.zip) find:

<div class="TB_Separator"></div> <a id="setting" href="#">

Replace it with:

<div class="TB_Separator" style="display:none;"></div> <a id="setting" href="#" style="display:none;">

This is good enough for me, without need install a web server...

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