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getting wireless connection from neighborhood??? :)

jay master

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i am getting free internet connection from some router and the good thing is it's free. but the bad thing is; I can not do any settings on that router. I don't even know who it is??? so; I am getting really bad connection. really bad...

I have NAT error (of course!) I also disabled DHT (for not to block any connection...?!!)

and still getting 8.0 kB/s download speed.

what should I do now???

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What you're doing is called stealing and you could go to jail. Don't be a thief and pay for your own bandwidth instead of leeching off someone else's. :/

hey! you are really funny!!! you said that I am stealing... what do you think you are doing??? :) do you think these .torrent files are PUBLIC DOMAIN? hehehehe? so lame dude...!

anyway, it sems like no one can help me now.

thanks anyway!

p.s. I am from Amiga scene (and ofcourse C-64 before that).

see ya!

Jay Master / Zombie Boys

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What you're doing is called stealing and you could go to jail.

In some areas wireless internet access is free or it is LEGAL to share your internet connection with your neighbors.

There are obscure laws in numerous places that also says if you receive a radio signal or see something from your property that you are entitled to "read" it if you can.

Barring that, it may fall under 'theft-of-services', but that doesn't make it jail-worthy. You'd merely get fined/charged for the service. And the ones who have to prosecute is the ISP -- the careless wireless router user can only seek to disable or secure the shared services.

...unless of course the wireless router user can prove you "hacked" their computer.

...then again, it may fall under "trespass" laws to connect to someone else's wireless router. It's definitely not "breaking and entering" because after all, the "door" was not only unlocked, it was open.

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