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Yellow Triangle appeal to gurus


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I've seen a lot written about the yellow triangle blues, and tried about all of it, to no avail.

So i'd like to ask any utorrent gurus around with spare time on their hands to write a tutorial, just a simple series of 'buttons to push', things to try.

Because right now what the yellow triangle boils down to is, KISS YOUR *** GOODBYE. You'll just have to wait till the complex system of interacting OS, firewall, torrents and, for all i know, astrological influences, coincide to produce The Magic Green Circle. And until then grinding your teeth while trying to forward ports, reconfigure firewalls, etc. won't help. My green circle disappeared yesterday, without my having made any system changes.

Sarcasm aside, until the makers of uTorrent manage to squash this bug, or the above-mentioned gurus share some so-far never communicated fix, my advice to you if you get the Yellow Triangle is, practise the spiritual virtue of Patience, try yogic breathing or pot or whatever.

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