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Request #1 - Redefine "Completed" add "Downloaded" as a new Status


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Though I am certain some form or other of this feature request has been made in the past, I doubt it has been quite specified in this mannor.

I have been a developer for over 13 years and yes I have written a BitTorrent client, none the likes of uTorrent nor as efficient but I have identified many requirements for a full fledged uTorrent like client (even Specifications) and so I do have a bit of qualification in making my recommendations/requests (others following but related to this one in seperate topics as rules seem to require).

In following requests/recommendations I will refer to this as Request #1

uTorrent in it's current form (1.8.1) appears to support the following (UI level) states for a given torrent:

1.) All - This encompasses each and every torrent, active or not.

2.) Downloading - This is a torrent which is in active download mode and where the downloader does not have 100% of the download (actually not 100% true since I have seen completed torrents move to the "Downloading" state which I assume is because of traffic between the tracker and the client.

3.) Completed - This is when a torrent has reached 100% download however it does not take into account seeding as a criteria, therefore while a torrent indicates Completed it may only have acheived a seeding ratio of .0045 and thus is not really "Completed"

4.) Active - The name says it all, some form of activity is taking place with the torrent. This seems to include seeding, downloading and tracker updating.

5.) Inactive - Similar to above except when there is nothing at all going on with the torrent.

For the purpose of keeping this as short as possible, I would like to skip the labeling which is really just categorization and not of any real import (though it could be).

So here goes:

One new category should be added and the existing "Completed" should be redefined as "Downloaded" as explained below:

1.) Existing category/status of "Completed" should be replaced by a new category/state "Downloaded" since although a client may now have all the pieces of a particular torrent that does not mean that any specific seeding requirement has been met and therefore that torrent is not really (or may be) "Completed"

2.) A new category "Completed" should be introduced. This would indicate that the client has all the chunks of data forming the torrent download and that any seedng ration or time has also been met.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and time.

Please feel free to contact me via reply or using the form based email available within the forum.



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I had reviewed the post you cite prior to making my request. I would not have posted a similar request without specific reasons (which I listed) nor would I post just for sake of convenience (mine or others) but rather for dramatically needed enhancements to the "status" (note: status is not the same as category).

Please take no disrespect as I intend none but I do believe that (though my spelling is horrible without type correction) these changes (minimal at best) are required to deliver a software product which functions with optimal efficiency and as my further requests/recommendations indicate would be required to implement some of the more "important" enhancements/features I see uTorrent needing.

All the same, I thank you for taking the time to read my post and reply with comment!



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I've been wishing and hoping for this feature for a long time. I concur, labels are not sufficient.

I maintain a 1:3 download-to-seed ratio at a minimum and it is painful to manage the hundreds of gigabytes of pending, "completed" (but still seeding), and really completed torrents by hand.

I think it would be a rather simple matter to change whatever code path evaluates completion to include a check on the ratio, and to introduce a new category, i.e. "really completed". In fact, we can already define a specific program reaction to ratio completion: we can have the maximum speed per torrent adjusted from the global max to a ratio-completed max.

Since this check already exists, I can only assume that the same code could be used with only slight modifications to check for and re-categorize any given torrent based on ratio.

Please consider this my vote for this feature.



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