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Connection resets every 5 mins after port forwarding.


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Okay, first of all, This isn't a problem with my ISP. I've had this problem on 2 different ISPs (PTD and comcast)

I've correctly configured everything(green check, settings same as speedtest etc.)

I get decent speeds without it forwarded, but I see my peers getting like 500kbps faster than me.

Anyways, once I forward the ports (done correctly, I've quadruple checked on multiple occasions)

my internet connection will shut off then turn back on, forcing me to reconnect to any peers/seeds.

I'm using a Linksys BEFSR41, running XP (SP or the computer I'm on shouldnt matter, it's ALWAYS happened on the 4 different PCs I've tried with 2 different ISPs)

I'm thinking the only thing may be that my router is fucked up, but if that were the case, shouldn't I get no connection at all?

PLEASE HELP this problem has been a nuisance ever since I started port forwarding.

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I've got a Linksys 4-port wired router, model BEFSR41 ...and even when I'm using uTorrent v1.8.1 on my Win 98SE box I don't have these problems.

I'm on ComCast.

I use manual port forwarding instead of UPnP, have fixed LAN ip addresses for all my LAN computers, and even have DHCP disabled on the router.

Your settings in uTorrent may be really bad, your router IS dying, and/or you have other networking issues.

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