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RSS Feed not working in 1.8.1


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i have been using many torrent clients, but my all time favorite is and will remain uTorrent!

my problem: My RSS feed will no longer show new feeds :(

- i dont use any filters or anything... everything was working fine prior to 1.8 and then all went phoof!! :(

- the side bar shows the RSS feed icons flickering and that they are updating... however nothing shows up... :(

- and i have not changed any settings nor messed around with new configs etc. so cant understand what is the problem...

can anyone help?

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Uhm, filter/favorites MUST be defined to download anything. If you press Ctrl-R what shows up?

If nothing shows up in the listview, the URL is malformed/not an RSS feed. Right click, properties on the feed, copy URL, paste into browser. What do you see?

When you updated uTorrent did you re-create the rules in your security/AV/firewall software for utorrent.exe ? Many programs block updates automatically.

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