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HELP! Error:System Cannot Find The Path Specified


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Can someone please help!

I keep getting this error-

Error:System Cannot Find The Path Specified

whenever I download a file with a long folder path.

What I end up doing is going into the Files Tab and saying Don't Download.

Then I highlight a small section of files and choose Normal Priority.

Once those are done I highlight another small section and download those.

I can eventually get all the files this way, but it is impracticale.

I'm using uTorrent v 1.4, Win XP Pro SP 2 and a D-Link DI-524 router.

I have the firewall turned off in my router and I'm using E-Trust Armor Suite as my firewall.

It occasionally pops up and asks if I want to allow uTorrent to connect and I choose allow.

I can download most torrents just fine.

I seem to have the problem only when the path and/or filenames are long.

I get the same problem when I use BitComet.

It's driving me nuts!

Any suggestions?



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Someone else suggested something similar.

I used to have a folder on my desktop called Torrents where all my downloads automatically went to.

Someone suggested making a folder in My Documents and save to there.

That apparently isn't working either.

So do you think I should make a folder in My Computer and download there?

Or should I make a folder on the C drive?

Or should I just download the default folder of the torrent to C?



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"So do you think I should make a folder in My Computer and download there?" not trying to be a dick but you cant make a folder in my computer :)

i keep getting the same error when downloading files. dunno if there is a patch to automatically update files that have stopped that would be great

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tried solution above.. didnt work for me. i even went back to ver 1.3 and still am getting this error. seems the file comes up missing after about 10-15 minutes of starting a download. but its only about 2-3 torrents that do this. i have other torrents been downloading 3 days straight no problems. maybe its just a conflict between the tracker and utorrent?

that would be what i think could be a problem. hope this helps. :D

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Didn't work for me either.

The thing is I can click on the File tab and deselect certain files to be downloaded.

Right now I am downloading a Roger Waters torrent from demonoid.

I have gone into the files tab and selected and deselected so many files.

I've tracked it down to 2 files.

I can download all the others, but everytime I click on eitheer of those 2 files and set the download to normal, it gives me the path not found error.

I have asked and no one else has had this problem with this torrent.

The files have long path names and that is the problem I get all the time.

Here's an example of 1 of the files.

Roger Waters - The Wall Live In Berlin\Roger Waters - The Wall Live In Berlin(Disc 1)\04 - Roger Waters - Roger Waters, Joe Chemay, John Joyce, Stan Farber, And Jim Haas - The Happiest days Of Our Lives.mp3

I don't know of a way to edit the filename/path to make it shorter.

I think that would fix it if I could do it.

I just wonder why no one else is having the same problem.

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Actually, yes it did!

I'd stopped the torrent and restarted it but it was still pointed at the old directory.

I went to the site and redownloaded the .torrent file and pointed it to the one on C: and it appears to be working now.

Thanks You!

Can you explain why this is?

Or do I not even want to know.

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open utorrent ->option -> preferences -> set a folder for locations. (u can create a new folder.. or choose one already made. i chose C:/downloads . you dont have to uninstall utorrent.. or re-download the torrent file . just close and re-open.

the cause of this problem for me was. adding a second H drive to my pc

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I was having the same problema. "System Cannot Find The Path Specified" then it would disconnect the torrent and I'd have to restart it. So I got off my lazy ass and checked out my settings from the suggestions in the FAQ. Then I set a folder directly on C drive for torrents and torrent downloads.

Now the damn thing downloads a movie approximately every hour! :-) I'm very happy. Thanks to the members here!

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