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Auto start/stop Utorrent at any time


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Hey guys from India who are facing issues with dl/ul limit problem, from service providers like BSNL, Tata indicom , Airtel who cap download and upload limits and have free usage in the middle of night from 2 am to 8 am or like 2:30 am to 8:30 am.. you tend to lose precious one hour of seeding and leeching, and your Preciuos sleep too...

This batch file will help you people to connect to the internet and disconnect at you will and time scheduled.

First µtorrent should be clicked, that is.. it should be in your taskbar.

Keep the system on then leech, seed and sleep :)

Also do not forget to update you timings with the server timings in your area.

Though µtorrent has a scheduler(keep it on too, ie let the downloading time blocks be green from mon to sun rest being white), it is hourly based, sometimes server timings differ...

this batch file will help people who want to start Dl/Ul at any time they want perfection upto minutes.

Keep the system on and enjoy getting up late without sleeping late...

Force start can de done without any tension or worry.


Try this method:

First Step:

Create two batch files


Open notepad type the following:

rasdial [connection name] [user name] [password]

for example

rasdial broadband myusername mypassword

save the above file as connect.bat


Open notepad type the following

rasdial [connection name] /disconnect

for example

rasdial broadband /disconnect

save the above file as disconnect.bat

Second Step:


Schedule task wizard will start>click next

2. Click "Browse" and select "connect.bat"

3. Type the task name (anything you want) and then select "Daily".Now to configure how to run it during Night Unlimited.

Click Next.

Now set the start time to something like say....2.05 a.m.

Set Everyday from the Perform this task option right below that and start date to today's date.

Click Next


Ready to go :)

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