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Auto adjust Upload Rate Based on Seeds


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Is it possible for uTorrent to adjust either the upload rate or priority based on the number of seeds? Here is an example.

Torrent (3 Seeds/ 2 peers) ... Uploading at 3.2kb total

... Peer1

... Peer2

Torrent (46 Seeds / 5 peers) ... Uploading at 36kb total

... Peer1

... Peer2

... Peer3

... Peer4

I know I can manually set the upload priority to low for torrent that have alot of seeds. But is there a setting some place that will automaticaly adjust priority (or upload speed) based on the number of seeds?

It just sucks that when there are few seeds (counting myself) that peers will have to wait forever to finish the download.

Basicaly, the upload badwidth is disperportionate to the torrents and number of seeds. So is there a setting that I can use to 'balance' it out?

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