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I think my ISP might be throttling my torrents...


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I recently posted regarding my Utorrent and the fact it wasn't working like it used to. Its sorted now and I have a green ticon at the bottom but it tends to download anywhere from 0-20kbs which on my connection is pretty poor.

I read that ISP's are throttling torrents now and I was wondering if this the reason. However, I have port forwarded through my router but I haven't got a static IP address...

My current settings are;

D-Link DSL2640R Router (plugged into the back of my PC)

Windows XP

AOL UK (which is a max 2.2MB connection)

Windows Firewall (on)

AVG 8.0 (on)

My Utorrent used to be able to get around 200kbs on download and about 40 MAX on upload. Ever since I updated my utorrent though its had shocking speeds...

Any help will be much appreciated...

btw, I'm not great with computer terminology...

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