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Endgame mode... varies slightly who you ask. The idea though is that at the end of the torrent you have to change your strategy to finish getting the data. It varies by client in that some wait until all pieces are requested, but I believe uTorrent waits until there are only 4 pieces left to download to do this. It then sends out requests for ALL remaining blocks of data to ALL connected peers. You should find results through a search for "bittorrent endgame" or at http://dessent.net/btfaq/#what

As to poisoned torrent... or the act of poisoning a torrent. Certain people http://mafiaa.org and those they hire to "protect" their content, have evolved different ways over time to attempt to keep people from choosing who/what/when/where they get their content. This ranged from spamming fake/useless peers which either don't send data or send bad data to creating/seeding their own torrent content among their own infrastructure. The most public face of this was MediaSentry, who... last year was exposed for certain tactics which may have not been legal.

I hope you're aware there is ALOT of useful information in the user manual accessible from F1 in the client :)

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