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"Extension: ipv6" log messages?


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When I log traffic, I get the following lines on the logger tab:

[2008-10-28 17:13:28] Extension: ipv6:[<ERROR>]

[2008-10-28 17:13:28] Extension: ipv6:[]

[2008-10-28 17:13:28] Extension: ipv6:[]

[2008-10-28 17:13:29] Extension: ipv6:[]

[2008-10-28 17:13:36] Extension: ipv6:[]

[2008-10-28 17:13:41] Extension: ipv6:[<ERROR>]

[2008-10-28 17:13:41] Extension: ipv6:[]

[2008-10-28 17:13:43] Extension: ipv6:[<ERROR>]

[2008-10-28 17:13:43] Extension: ipv6:[<ERROR>]

[2008-10-28 17:13:45] Extension: ipv6:[]

Can someone tell me what these lines are telling me?

I do not have ipv6 installed on my machine (Windows XP SP3),

should I be getting ipv6 messages?



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I do not have Teredo/IPv6 installed.

The version is 1.8.1 beta. I'm not sure of the build number. (I'm not at that computer currently...)

What does the debug output mean?

Why the <ERROR>s?

Why the references to IP addresses typically used for LANs?

Why the reference to ipv6?


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Thanks for the responses...

I have upgrade uTorrent to 1.8.1 12639. I still get messages

such as the following:

[2008-10-29 09:02:59] Extension: ipv6:[<ERROR>]

[2008-10-29 09:03:02] Extension: ipv4:[]

[2008-10-29 09:03:02] Extension: ipv6:[<ERROR>]

[2008-10-29 09:03:06] Extension: ipv4:[]

[2008-10-29 09:03:07] Extension: ipv4:[]

[2008-10-29 09:03:07] Extension: ipv6:[<ERROR>]

[2008-10-29 09:03:08] Extension: ipv4:[]

[2008-10-29 09:03:08] Extension: ipv6:[<ERROR>]

[2008-10-29 09:03:09] Extension: ipv4:[]

[2008-10-29 09:03:09] Extension: ipv6:[<ERROR>]

[2008-10-29 09:03:10] Extension: ipv4:[]

The LAN-like IP addresses are gone, which is probably a good thing.

I am still confused as to what the point of these message are,

what 'Extension' is and whether this is showing a problem...


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Well... >< OK If you right click on the Logger tab, and browse through the three sub-options, what is enabled. It's unfortunate I have never seen this message myself. :(

The extension protocol for the main bittorrent spec was created/allowed to have clients have the same functionality at the ore but allow extra functionality without sacrificing interoperability. If a client does not understand what s being sent, it ignores it... or maybe it replies with unknown?? The official repository for the protocol is http://bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0000.html

I don't know the answer sorry.

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