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Private torrent using builtin tracker not transferring data


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I've got utorrent 1.8.1 using the builtin tracker. A torrent is defined and has been downloaded to several utorrent clients on an internal network, which are running from a standalone directory (utorrent does not show up in installed programs). There are no firewalls or routers between the machines. The tracker has status of "working". The torrent shows a green up arrow, but when the clients load the torrent they don't download anything. The torrent shows numbers like 0(2) for seeds and 0(5) for peers.

I've tried restarting the utorrent tracker, refreshing it, rebuilding the torrent, etc. and still cannot get any data to move.

Could I be overlooking something really stupid?

- Dave

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OK, on the tracking server in the Logging tab each of the clients shows up periodically with the following message:

Connecting: Source: T

No errors show with the default error logging, so I've added a few more options now.

On each of the clients there were no logging options enabled, so I've added peer logging and a few others.

No machines are showing up in the Peer tab on the tracking server or the clients.

The tracking server is using a "normal" install on 2003 sp2. All of the clients are XP sp2 using identical setting files and executable copied to a directory.

This is very frustrating because everything (at least to me, an inexperienced torrenter) looks like it should be working properly.

Is there an easier way to enable/disable the various logging options?




OK, turning on peer logging on the client showed there was an error due to "allow legacy connections" being unchecked in the preferences.

After re-enabling legacy connections the torrent started working properly.

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I don't remember what the exact message was, but it basically said the connection was being dropped because legacy connections were not allowed. I presume the tracker uTorrent machine (Server 2003) was trying to connect to the XP clients in "legacy" mode.

By the way, I apologize for not thanking you earlier for helping me troubleshoot this problem.

UTorrent is a great tool for my need, which is quickly distributing large update packages to about a dozen machines at a time.

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