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Some torrents slow, others fast


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Hey, I've been using uTorrent for a long time now, but have recently been having really weird issues.

Some torrents I download will almost instantly shoot up to 200+kb/s, while other torrents with usually more seeds and peers tend to hang around 20kb/s, sometimes spiking up to ~50-100kb/s

Does anyone else have this problem?

My ISP is Rogers Canada, btw

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actually my upload isn't getting butchered nearly as much as my DL

the last torrent I DL'd I was ULing at 40kbp/s (the cap I set in uTorrent), and DLing at 20-30kbp/s most of the time.

Right now I'm DLing at 8(!!!!)kbp/s and ULing at 40kbps

But on things like the Linux distro Torrents I can always get 400kbp/s, and on some random torrent with less seeders + fewer leechers than what I'm DLing now, I got up to 250kbp/s

But right now it wont go any higher than fucking 20kbps when I'm lucky

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Probably a Rogers seed/peer appears on a torrent...and you get really good speeds from it.

Or there's a web seed on a torrent, which acts as a straight HTTP download -- which Rogers probably doesn't throttle all to heck.

Watch more closely in Peers window to find out the difference and cause. :)

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