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Slow downloads after all (or most) of the usual fixes?


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Hey guys,

I'm on a 10mbps broadband cable line, which I've recently switched to. Since then my torrents have been much slower than expected, averaging like 25kbps. I could even get smooth downloads at over 100kbps on my last 3mbps line.

And so I googled out to see if I'd set up my router, my BitTorrent and etc. correctly. These are what I have done on my BitTorrent client: Enable UPnP port forwarding and Enable NAT-PNP port mapping and check that the port is properly forwarded, Add windows firewall exception, Enable protocol encryption and Allow incoming legacy connections.

But I still don't see my downloads get any better. Sometimes some torrents are downloading at exceptionally speeds such as 150kbps, but it only hovers around there for a very short while before returning to the sluggish 10-20kbps. With all the seeders and peers and fast broadband, I'd expect a better performance.

Could anyone see if I should do anything else? Many thanks.

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Upload is what matters.

If you're uploading really slowly, other peers WON'T upload back to you...

If you upload faster than your line can sustain, your download suffers due to overloads on the upload side. (Requests to peers/seeds to send MORE data gets lost.)

2nd link in my signature for settings in uTorrent.

You may need to enable/force outgoing encryption in uTorrent.

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