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access denied to the firewall and yet....


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hi all, i am a long time user of utorrent, great job!

i have upgraded to 1.8.1 and i start to get this :

[2008-10-29 09:57:02] IPv6 is installed

[2008-10-29 09:57:02] Got Teredo Address: 2001:0:d5c7:a2ca:dd:820:b04c:825e

[2008-10-29 09:57:02] UPnP: Discovered host:

[2008-10-29 09:57:02] UPnP: Discovered new device: "urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:WANConnectionDevice:1"

[2008-10-29 09:57:08] UPnP: Mapped TCP port 46570 ->

[2008-10-29 09:57:08] UPnP: TCP port 46570 -> mapped successfully.

[2008-10-29 09:57:12] Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Access denied. <--- ERROR!!!!

[2008-10-29 09:57:23] UPnP: Mapped UDP port 46570 ->

[2008-10-29 09:57:23] UPnP: UDP port 46570 -> mapped successfully.

[2008-10-29 09:57:23] UPnP: Getting external IP

[2008-10-29 09:57:23] UPnP: Got external IP:

here is what i don't get :

it seems utorrent is too quick to decide the wireless router did not respond, which is wrong

but this gets stranger

i get the green status icon (meaning incoming connections are coming, so firewall is a non issue)

and after a few minutes i get it red and then yellow then green.... crazy stuff!

it works though.... just those changes cannot be true!

i have vista SP1



I know why the error message of "Error opening windows firewall" exists.... it is because i had

properites->connection->Add windows fiewwall exceptions.....

for some reason i don't need it (i actually never understood what this means as if a program can add itself to the firewall if it pleases, what kind of a firewall is that for outbound traffic ?)

anyways now the error does not appear.... i still mostly have the green status icon saying firewall is cool, but still it goes to orange and red from time to time......

still think its a timeout issue, but ....

anyways, this is still the BEST(!) torrent client out there!

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