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higher dsl speed,slower utorrent download speed.


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ok,it may be not common but my ISP offers to upgrade speed on demand up to 3mb

and my original speed is 256kb.

so whatever,iam downloading now a game (not much seeds/peers) but the download speed rang from 10KB to 18KB on my 256kb original speed.

when i upgrade my speed to 1mb (ex.) the download speed remains in the above range for a while then become less than 10KB all the time (may be 3KB or 4KB) and this killing me.

i made port forward on the router and the icon is green,but i noticed that some other torrents i download are speeding up (and well) with the higher dsl speeds so i dont know what is going on.

thanks :)

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my upload speed increases when i speed up but download is not ok,

also for "http://slackware.com/torrents/" i dont get the full speed of 3mb which should be around 250KB or 220KB (it should be about 300KB) but i only get about 180KB as max.

i dont know what is going on.

should the correct setting of upload speed in the speed guide do all the tricks? or should the settings be adjusted manually in the prefrences?

also i notice that the number of seeds i can connect to is much low "11(or less) of 114 connected and 418 in swarm)!! also i cant connect to many peers.

for "http://slackware.com/torrents/" i can only connect to about 70 seeders only, and i remember that the total number of seeds was 700 or something like that...

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Im not able to forward my port despite changing the port number.

So i have given the below info to specifically troubleshoot my problem

*Firmware version :








*Have changed my router settings-NAT-virtual server-add app as u torrent

Start and end port as 60003.

Changed in W.Firewall>Advanced>local area connection>settings

u torrent in UDP and TCP as 60003.

*Torrent settings:

Maximum upload rate :92

Global max num of conn :600

Max num of conn peers :100

Num of upload slots :6

*Im using u torrent 1.8.1.

*The icon is in red colour (colour of the network status).

*Checking port 60003 on does not appear to be open

*Download speed :1225 kb/s

*Upload speed :411 kb/s.

*net max halfopen set to 8.

*Windows XP.

*Windows Firewall and PC antivirus insalled.

*Router model : Billion BIPAC 5112S.


*Connection type: ADSL

*Computer Specs;

Windows XP version 2002

Intel® Pentium® D CPU2.66GHZ

480 RAM

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yes i have to tell utorrent to upload faster than what i can handle because my original speed 256/64kb and i choose upload speed 64kb but i only get 4KB or less as download speed and cant connect to more than 4 seeds out of 114 and 418 in swarm,and when increase the upload on the speed guide to 40mbit (i know this is crazy but i care only about the results) the download speed for the same torrent become between 8KB and 15KB as max. and i can connect to more seeds than setting upload speed to the correct value (11 seeds out of 114 and 418 in swarm).

all the above for the same torrent under 64kb upload speed setup and 40mbit upload setup.

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Look at the numbers on the xx/40 mbit setting.

All that you're really getting out of it is increased max connects per torrent.

Upload slots won't help, as uTorrent will limit them to no more than probably 3 anyway.

Upload speed won't help -- you can't upload any faster than your line allows.

Your ISP probably throttles/disrupts BitTorrent traffic, so try higher encryption settings:


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