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Per-Tracker based seeding control?


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This is an idea I've kicked around in my head several times since I started using BT clients... Basically, what I'd like to see is the ability to enable some way to seed torrents based on the tracker to a desired ratio.

For example, let's say I have three torrents open from exampletracker.com. Each is 1GB in size. Torrent A has 50 seeders and 2 leechers, Torrents B and C have 2 seeders and 50 leechers each. With the way seeding queuing is set currently, I will seed all three until I have uploaded 1GB on each torrent. This means that (most likely) torrents B & C will upload 1GB and stop and start seeding something else very quickly, but Torrent A, having many seeds and very few leechers, will trickle off an upload for a very long time until it reaches 1GB uploaded.

What I'm proposing is an option for the client to track statistics per-tracker, so that in my example it will keep all three torrents open and seeding until my total upload to exampletracker.com is 3GB and then stop all three, even if Torrent A is only at an 0.5 ratio.

I know this might sound like a frivolous idea, but for those of us who use private trackers almost exclusively, this is a pretty common scenario. Torrents with few seeds and many leechers will reach the 1.0 ratio and stop, while torrents with many seeds and few leechers will hang out indefinately taking up a seed slot that could be put to much better use elsewhere.

The easiest way to implement this, I think, would be to explicitly set the trackers where this behaviour is desireable in the options. Automatically determining it could be a problem with multi-tracker torrents, and this wouldn't be an ideal method of operating for public trackers. On private trackers, however, it definately seems to me to be the more desired behaviour, so I'd propose an option to enable it, then a user-specified list of trackers where it would be applicable.


EDIT: Accidentally posted in General rather than Feature Requests. Move if you think it's appropriate. :)

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Is there anything actually *wrong* with the idea, or you just view it as such a low priority it's not even worth worrying about?

I can't really understand the logic to being the 280th seed on a torrent with only 4 leechers, when I could be the 4th seed on a torrent with 280 leechers, is all.

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