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App still hangs when deleting data


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Searching for this issue, the root cause doesn't seem to be a problem with the current code. Would you be kind enough to troubleshoot with the current stable build? Also I think relevant settings here would be OS version, disk type/number being accessed, uT settings for remove option. Would Disk Cache be relevant as well?

Process Explorer DLL logfile at minimum. There won't be a new build released for you :P You're not that special.

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I don't want a NEW build just for me. I'd like someone to post the ALREADY made RC. I'm fully aware I'm not "special" enough to code a build just for me. Hell, I don't even see where I asked for that. O_o

OS Version, Vista Ultimate SP1.

Disc type/number, uhh, NTFS and C or 1? O.o

I tried both "remove torrent", or "remove torrent+ data", same results both ways.

How would I go about getting the Process Explorer DLL logfile?

Okay, forget all this. Just saw the "We will NOT help you find older versions of uT.", and for whatever odd reason, I guess it's too hard to post a link to a version they should still have. XD

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Vista, NTFS, hmmm.

Actually I was referring more to the options when you right click the remove button on the toolbar... but I see the only extra thing is ... are you deleting to trash? If so, are you sure the size of your trash for that volume is large enough to accommodate the data being deleted.. i.e. if not, it would bypass the trash anyway, and with ... changes to the deletion/overwrite logic made in Vista.

Here's the thing though... THESE many changes/fixes have been done since your "stable" RC :(http://pastebin.com/d205c9b80

Instructions for PE can be found in the last post of the sticky http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992

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