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Wireless AP, port forwarding, slow speed- help?


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Im running Windows XP SP2, Windows firewall. I'm having a problem with the speed and my trackers are offlines. I'm using Airlive 802.11G Wireless AP, could there be a firewall thats blocking me that I cannot access because of the Wireless AP(modem?)? Here are some screen shots.






Originally Utorrent was working fine(except the speed was kinda slow) for about a week, then it stopped downloading. I enabled the protocol encryption thinking it might of been the ISP blocking, that solved the problem. But the speed is still kind of slow. I tried disabling the DHT network, the UPnP port mapping, the NAT PMP port mapping, and I adding utorrent to windows firewall with no luck. Any tips would be great. Thanks everyone :)

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I am hitting my max upload speed of 35 KB/s but sometimes it drops to less then 1 KB/s and hovers around there for a while. I have the download set to unlimited, but it is only hitting 200 (Downloading OpenOffice). I have my settings set to what you recommended for 384 KB/s. BTW, thanks for your help so far

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