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Poor download speed


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I have been trying everything to get this download speed up and i cannot seem to get it to move to a good settings to do that.

Right now my utorrent (1.8.1) is downloading 18-40 kb/s, spikes at 100 -at times- and i limited my upload to 35 kb/s and only have one active torrent. The torrent i am testing on has 1140 seeds and 11056 peers.I have tried all kinds of settings in the bandwidth section but its currently at global 100 / max 40 / upload 4. My provider is a company called Mountain Cable in Canada and they 'do not' limit torrents...they just suck at uploading and even tested at Glasnost. I am running on a x9000, 4 gigs and 7200 RPM hd and this is on a ethernet gigabyte connection to a gigabyte router (DIR-655).

Turned off resolve ip, upnp, nat-pmp, DHT, firewall (both router and windows), virus scanner

Edited Forced encryption, forwarded port on 58### (green), patched TCPIP.sys to 50, used TCPOptimizer.exe

i did the slackware test and i could get up to 790 kbs but with any other torrents i hardly hit max 100


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Leave uTorrent's advanced setting net.max_halfopen set to 8 (or less) even though you patched windows. Raising it tends to just burn more bandwidth...reducing speeds beyond the 1st minute or 2 of starting a torrent.

2nd link in my signature for conservative settings for uTorrent based on upload speed/bandwidth.

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Sorry missed that info. :P

See if the OpenOffice test torrent (mentioned in 1st link of my signature) downloads faster.

It would be good to have that as a baseline for what your connection CAN do.

Beyond that, not much else you can try except this kind of stealth/encryption tricks in uTorrent:


...Or an encrypted proxy if you think the problem is ISP-related BitTorrent throttling.

Doing the reverse might work...lowering outgoing encryption to enabled instead of forced.

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