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Downloading problems since 'Windows update'

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Hi all i want to say in advance i appreciate any usefull help i recieve here.

Background: UTorrent was working perfectly averaging 200kbps overall, i had updating all settings using the YouTube video about how to speed UTorrent up. It worked perfectly untill my computer made some recent updates.

Problem: My problem is that i never get above 0.01 - 0.999 download rate overall since i rebooted. The 'Speed Guide' - Test; tells me that my port failed the check.

Other notes: The problem goes away for a minute when i turn off AVG, but if i turn AVG back on it re-blocks, however only 1 of the Torrents works and only at 14kbps.

I apologise if the question has been asked before i'm too busy to keep seeking; What can i do?

Thanks - Mr Numbers.

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Youtube videos do not increase your speed beyond what you'd be able to get from http://utorrent.com/seutp_guide.php

What they do is make your connection and setup unstable. That it worked until an update isn't unexpected. It suggests raising net.max_halfopen which is NOT NECESSARY. Undo all changes the video made. Follow the setup guide.

Run a speedtest, use the Speed Guide or http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34259 for your upload speed. Verify your ISP doesn't shape traffic by testing http://slackware.com/torrents/

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