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Seeds and availability


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Hello everyone.

Please explain this newbie, once for all, this doubt:

I'm downloading a file ( a torrent as you say ) and at this very moment :

Seeds Peers Availability

14(1134) 51(12207) 19.999

I understood that even if seeds=0 the Availability can be greater than 1.0 because the several pieces of the peers can "build" a complete file.

But, if according to our HELP, seed is equal to one complete file, in this case we have 1134 complete copies and so the availability must be at least 1134. Why then the reason its value is only 19.999?

I'm very forgotten English language and perhaps I understood not very well.

Please help me.

Thank you and till the next

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Thank you Ultima and Moogly.

Your explanation is simple and cleared.

Chau and till the next.

PS: Excuse me another question. If I post a thread and I remember to ask another question, must I open another thread or must I edit the last one? In this case what can I do?

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