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Alone in my LAN: interest of LPD & why LPD discovers local peers ?


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I have 3 questions about Local Peer Discovery (LPD) in uTorrent.

1/ I'm alone behind my modem/router so I would like to know what is the interest of enabling LPD because no local peer will be discovered by uT.

2/ When I'm downloading public torrents, tracker tab says there is one peer in LPD line. Is it me or not ? :D

3/ When I was downloading a public multi-tracker torrent (15 trackers but 90% report same swarm e.g. multi TPB trackers), LPD line said there were 3 discovered local peers! How could it be the case if I'm alone behind my router (protected with WEP or WAP key) ?


Thx in advance.

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