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Not sure if this has been requested/suggested yet, but if it has, please consider this as a 'seconding' of the motion.

I think it would be great to expand on the Preferences/Queing/Seeding section in the following way:

Add another checkbox field: "Restart Seeds after all active torrent ratio quotas have been met".

Add another checkbox field: "Limit the upload rate of RESTARTED seeds to:" and next to it...

Add another textbox field: (similar to the one that is already there, but only appliable to the restarted seeds.)

The purpose of this would be such that, if one selects (per the existing options) to stop seeding of torrents that have met a ratio, AND all active torrents (that are not 'stopped' by user, but instead simply 'paused' per having met the ratio rule) have met that ratio, one would now have the option to automatically enable the reseeding of those paused torrents at either full speed (by not checking the new applicable checkbox above), or at a reduced speed (by checking the new checkbox above and specifying a max speed).

This way, if say you are seeding 4 torrents, and 3 of them have met the ratio, the remaining one would get the full bandwidth that is allocated to it to help the ratio rise faster, but when that last one has met the ratio, your client could potentially be sitting there doing nothing, when in fact you wouldn't mind letting it reactivate all 4 seeds at either full speed, or reduced speed.

just an idea.

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