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Red Sign Not connectable, yet downloading.


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I always had, have and probably will have a red sign at the bottom of my utorrent saying that it's not connectable. But that never stopped any downloads. My average download speed (Not Torrent, normal downloads) is around 15-20 Kilo Byte/s. I always had my utorrent download speed around 12 KB/s even with the red sign and even if there is only one seed or peer. But suddenly my download speed has gone down to 2 KB/s without any valid cause. I'm downloading something with 26 Seeds but still it's not helping. The download started fine with the average being 11.7 KB/s but after 77.5% it slowed down.

I don't think that the percentage matters since nothing has changed, neither the seed number nor anything. All other downloads are having the same slow speed too. I've tried almost everything but nothing seems to matter. If I change my encryption from disabled to enabled or forced, nothing happens. I've tried turning off DHT and turning it on too, nope. I've run my speed test and set everything fine. I did these only after my speed slowed down, otherwise, the default settings worked fine. Help me with a useful solution someone. Please. Nothing works.

NOTE: Nothing changed only the speed. All of a sudden it decreased. The red sign never caused any problem either.

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