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optical cable 20000 kb/s download --- 20000 kb/s upload


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I got 2 weeks ago an optical connection - that means 20000 kb/s download and 20000 kb/s upload.. I chck my speed also on http://www.speedtest.net/ and I saw that I have even a bit more upload.. so my comp. is working ok.

But I do not understand why the qtorrent have still the same speed like before (and even more slower) I got this optical cable.. do I need to change something on my computer or in qtorrent software??

I would be happy for any advice you give me.

please help me.

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2nd link in my signature, choose the 20 megabit/second upload settings.

Other peers may not be rewarding your high upload speeds because they CAN'T upload quickly back to you.

Don't feel too upset that not everyone has a fast line...so if you're downloading even 1/4 as fast as you're uploading it's probably normal.

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