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"Append .!ut to incomplete files" BUG


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When the option "Append .!ut to incomplete files" is selected it is easy to identify files as incomplete.

However µTorrent 1.81 build 12639 exhibits an incongruence in this feature that I have not previously noticed (although this is from my memory and not from investigation!).

Consider the situation where one loads a "new" torrent into a "Save as" folder which already contains files contained "within" that torrent. One can then use the Right Click - "Force recheck" function to check exactly which files have already been completed. In such a situation I have learned, from experience, that it is wiser to untick the "Start Torrent" box in the first instance, so that the "Recheck" does not take place immediately upon clicking "OK". The rationale for this is that ".!ut" will be appended to any and all files that fail the hash check, and, if the chunk (piece) size is large and the files themselves comparatively small, this can lead to a quantity of files mis-identified as incomplete with a ".!ut" extension!

However the BUG is that now, in such a situation, ALL "already existing" files "in" the torrent are appended "!.ut" BEFORE a Forced Recheck has been initiated!

This to me is WRONG , because, having unticked "Start Torrent", all existing files should be UNCHANGED!

I hope I have explained this sufficiently well for you to appreciate that this is a BUG!



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