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Vista BSOD with uTorrent and bitTorrent clients


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I also am having a similar problem. Currently I am running Vista Business (SP1 + Updates) on an ethernet connection. I have been downloading with uTorrent for a VERY long time (2-3years) with NO problems. I also have had no BSOD's until this point, except for when I try to install SATA DVD drives.

What really disconcerns me about my situation is that when this happened in uTorrent I decided to try bitTorrent and the same exact thing happened so now I know that it is a system error.

The crashes in uTorrent happen pretty frequently. I have only gotten 3 or 4 BSOD's on this matter. They happen when I am downloading for long periods of time.

I am also running COMODO Firewall Pro.

Also on a side note I am unable to read the .dmp files in my Log Viewer. I get the error: "Checksum mismatch on the manifest files."

Thanks for any help.

This link leads to all 3 mini dump files. (http://www.mediafire.com/?j0jvgkofczf)

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Your old BSOD says that SOME driver caused the crash, no idea what.

Ok here we go, you have the stupid nVidia firewall installed (nvLsp.dll), remove it, it's buggy as hell. In control panel it might be represented as Network Forceware Manager or something.

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